How to write a graduation speech college

It contains some humor, which may or may not be appropriate for your specific school. Use your wisdom and discretion to decide whether a funny - or serious - tone is most suitable. It really is an honor to be chosen to speak at your graduation ceremony, so you need to do your best to give a memorable speech that you know your fellow graduates will enjoy. I hope you find this sample graduation speech inspiring!

How to write a graduation speech college

An Example College Graduation Speech This sample college graduation speech was sent in to me by Jimmy, a visitor to my website who gave this presentation on behalf of his fellow graduating student teachers at a Teacher Training College in November Many thanks, Jimmy, for sharing this speech with us.

On behalf of the Team graduating today, I feel greatly honoured to stand before you, with nothing to offer but with this very short speech of jubilation.

We are celebrating that we are finally fully qualified teachers, going to work in the rural areas of Malawi to be recognized as agents of change by the public. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of my fellow graduating student teachers, I want to let you know that over the two and a half years we have been here, we have really covered and learnt a lot in terms of studies and the teaching skills a teacher needs to have.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a clear indication that we are now going out to the countryside not as Cheaters but as real Teachers. This has been possible because of our willingness to learn, but still this would have been nothing without the hard working spirit and dedication of our lecturers, who sacrificed their precious time helping us, even at odd hours.

These lecturers really deserve a hand from us, ladies and gentlemen! Secondly, allow me, ladies and gentlemen, to thank the entire staff of DAPP Dowa TTC for the cooperation that has been in place between them and us for the whole period we have been their students.

It is because of this cooperation that we are the achievers today and we are celebrating this joint success, together. Let this kind of cooperation and professionalism continue, so that the current student teachers and other intakes to come, should enjoy the same fruits we have eaten ourselves - in order to continue realizing better success from each team of student teachers, annually.

This will only be possible if there is understanding of each other, since where there is no understanding, good and effective communication and oneness, there can only be failure.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we first came to this college, most of us were acting like a toothpaste tube, only showing our true value when squeezed. But as of now, I am pleased to let you know on behalf of my fellow graduating teachers, that we are different.

This college - through its well learned and dedicated staff members - has always fought tooth and nail to educate us to be self starters and active teachers all the time; and that is what we are as of now.

Ladies and gentlemen, let this send a very strong signal to you that come rain come sunshine, we are going to be the best teachers Malawi has ever had.

We are going to put into practice all the things you have imparted to us. Apart from training us as Primary School Teachers, we have been taught many leadership skills which will help us a lot in cooperating and associating with the communities we are going to find out there.

To my fellow graduating teachers, we are no longer the leaders of tomorrow but of today. As such, we need to know that we are not only physically mature, but also intellectually.

This therefore calls for our matured behavior. To be mature means accepting responsibilities. Sometimes we are going to find very limited available teaching and learning resources. Now as matured and resourceful teachers, we should always think of how best we can help the learners in times of limited resources.

Let us go to the world and be exemplary, active, creative, honest and eager to learn more from others, especially experienced teachers, for they have a lot to share with us.

how to write a graduation speech college

You should always remember that an experienced dog never scratches where there is nothing. Last but not least, I would like to quote what the former Min. He said and I quote: Let us go out and just put into practice all the good things we have learnt here.

More importantly, we should go out with open minds for new and supplementary skills and knowledge, for our continuous professional development. Learning new things depends on self willingness; you cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

We need not be reminded that education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. I want to urge you - my fellow graduating teachers - we are teachers, yes, but let us go out a mile further as explorers.

How to Write a Graduation Speech | Advice from a Passionate Currator of Commencement Addresses

There are many problems that rural primary schools are facing but that relevant authorities may not be aware of. If we bring such problems to relevant authorities through the right procedures, I am telling you, we are going to be "Another Kind of Teacher" on top of being the agents of change.A commencement speech is a speech delivered at the commencement ceremony of a higher education institution by a graduate, an alumnus, a celebrity or a politician to .

Parents: Write a Commencement Speech. March 23, May 18, It is no easy task to decide what single message you think will most benefit a group of young adults about to head to college or out into the world. So parents, here’s an assignment. Write the graduation speech you hope your student might hear.

Parents: Write a Commencement Speech. March 23, May 18, It is no easy task to decide what single message you think will most benefit a group of young adults about to head to college or out into the world. So parents, here’s an assignment. Write the graduation speech . This sample graduation speech has a funny tone to it and will inspire you to write your own high school or college graduation speech.

Share your personal experiences and speak from the heart and you will do well at commencement. Writing a commencement speech that doesn’t bore college grads May 17, Writing the perfect college commencement speech is no easy task. and a college asks you to be their graduation.

Still, we know writing a graduation speech can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you create a speech that will not only touch, entertain and inspire your entire graduation community but also celebrate high school memories and traditions.

Sample Graduation Speech - A Funny Speech for High School or College Graduation